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Carbon Steel Reducer

Reducing pipe (small and small head) is a kind of pipe fittings used for pipe diameter reduction. The commonly used forming process is reducing diameter pressing, expanding diameter pressing or reducing diameter plus expanding diameter pressing, and stamping forming can also be used for reducing diameter pipes of certain specifications.

Product Description

Name:Carbon Steel Reducer

Size: 1 / 2" - 36"

Material: All kinds of carbon steel, such as A105 / A234WPB / Q235

Pressure: Sch20 / 40 / 60, STD as need.

Type: carbon steel, welded

Packaging: Wooden cases or as per customers requirement

Application rang: Petroleum, chemical, power, gas, metallurgy, shipbuilding, construction, etc.

Degree: 30, 45, 90, 120, 180, 15, 60, 135, Special elbow as customers' request

Standard: ANSIB16.9, GBT12459 / 13401, SH3408 / 3409-96, ASME DIN JIS BS GB / T JB SH HG


1. Special design available according to requirement

2. anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistant with black painting

3. Our company will be good and cheap products open an international market, meet your needs.

Pipe fittings are various, the category of pipe fittings as follows:

1. Enlarge center pipe fitting.As required, or the end portion of the tube portion to expand a tubular member formed of various shapes;

2. Fittings with crimping and head.

International Carbon Steel Reducer

International pipe flange standards mainly have two systems, namely the European pipe flange system represented by German DIN (including the former Soviet Union) and the American pipe flange system represented by American ANSI pipe flanges. In addition, there are Japanese JIS pipe flanges, but they are generally only used in public works in petrochemical plants, and they have little international impact. Now the introduction of pipe flanges in various countries is as follows:

1. European system pipe flanges represented by Germany and the former Soviet Union

2. American system pipe flange standards, represented by ANSI B16.5 and ANSI B 16.47

3. British and French pipe flange standards, each of the two countries has two casing flange standards.

In summary, the internationally universal pipe flange standards can be summarized as two different and non-interchangeable pipe flange systems: one is the European pipe flange system represented by Germany; the other is represented by the United States American pipe flange system.

Carbon Steel Reducer Price

Hebei Yihang is a manufacturer specializing in the production of Carbon Steel Reducers. Our products are sold globally. Our Carbon Steel Reducers are sold in the United States, Japan, Korea, India and other places. Since Carbon Steel Reducers are customized products, we will Design and manufacture the product at your request, so as to ensure that our Carbon Steel Reducer meets your needs. Because the product is customized, the price will fluctuate according to your requirements. If you have the need for Carbon Steel Reducer, please contact us. We will provide you with solutions as soon as possible!

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