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Tee Fitting

Tee Fitting

Tee Fitting, Carbon steel tee is also a kind of pipe fittings, generally there are two kinds. Equal diameter tee, both ends of the same diameter, branch pipe and the other two diameters are different called reducing tee.

What is tee fitting?

The three links are pipe fittings and pipe connectors. It is also called pipe fitting tee or tee pipe fitting, stainless steel equal diameter tee, tee joint, used in the branch pipe of the main pipeline.

Tee is a kind of chemical pipe fitting with three openings, namely one inlet and two outlets; or two inlets and one outlet. There are T-shaped and Y-shaped, with equal diameter nozzles and reducing nozzles, used for Where three identical or different pipelines meet. The main function of the tee is to change the direction of the fluid.

Carbon steel tee function

Carbon steel tee is a pipe fitting used at the branch of the pipeline. For the production of tees using seamless pipes, the currently commonly used processes include hydraulic bulging and hot press forming. a. Hydraulic bulging three-way hydraulic bulging is a forming process in which branch pipes are expanded by axial compensation of metal materials.

Installation of carbon steel tee

Carbon steel three-way thermostat can replace a two-way valve and a three-way pipe. (2) The rotary valve type three-way thermostat has six installation types, which are suitable for any pipe connection. The installation type is selected according to the actual pipe connection of the system.

Carbon steel tee classification

Split-flow carbon steel tee

The function of the split-flow three-way thermostat is to divide a fluid into two proportionally after passing through the valve. When the valve closes one outlet, it opens the other outlet. This kind of valve has an inlet (A) and two outlets. (B is the bypass return port, C is the shunt cooling port).

Confluence carbon steel tee

The function of the combined three-way thermostat valve is to mix two fluids with different temperatures through the valve into a third temperature fluid with a temperature between the first two. This valve has two inlets (B is the high temperature inlet, C is a low temperature inlet) and an outlet (A), and the temperature sensing element is installed at the outlet (A).

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