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RTJ Flange

RTJ flanges are a good alternative to raised face in certain applications. Typically, higher pressure and temperature projects use Ring Type Joints.

Product Description

What is RTJ flange?

RTJ flange is a ring joint flange, which is a high-integrity sealing gasket, high temperature and high pressure gasket in petroleum, oil drilling, pressure vessel joints, pipelines and valves and other applications. RTJ flange is a machined metal ring with deep grooves cut into its face. There is a metal ring on the groove, and when the connecting bolts of the flange are tightened, the metal ring will be compressed. This compression creates a leak-proof, tight-fitting seal on the pipe or joint.

RTJ flange are used for steel ring gaskets with cut-out grooves. After tightening the bolts, the flange seal compresses the gasket between the flanges into the groove, deforming (or embossing) the gasket, making the inside of the groove close contact, and forming a metal-to-metal seal. RTJ flanges usually have a convex surface and grooves are machined on the surface of the flange. The convex surface of the RTJ flange can have a machined annular groove. The raised surface is not used as any part of the sealing device. For RTJ flange sealed with ring gaskets, the raised surfaces of the connecting flange and the fastening flange may contact each other. In this case, the compression washer will not withstand additional loads that exceed the bolt tension, and vibration and movement will not further flatten the washer and reduce the connection tension.

RTJ flange are usually used for high pressure (class 600 and higher ratings) and/or high temperature working conditions above 800°F (427°C). It is only installed on the steel or alloy valve body and usually needs to be specified when ordering. Rtj flanges are usually blind, slip, threaded and welded neck forms.

The advantage of using Rtj flanges and rings is that the gasket is confined in a groove and has two sealing surfaces. The groove ensures that the ring can be automatically centered when the bolt is tightened. It is also self-driven, which means that as the process pressure increases, the sealing pressure also increases.

When a metal-to-metal seal is required between the mating flanges (in high-pressure and high-temperature applications, that is, under conditions above 700/800 C°), ring joint flanges (RTJ) can be used. There is a circular groove on the ring joint flange to accommodate the ring joint gasket (elliptical or rectangular).

Product Specification

Name: RTJ Flange

Size: 1 / 2" - 36"

Material: All kinds of carbon steel,such as A105 / A234WPB / Q235

Pressure: Sch20 / 40 / 60, STD as need.

Type: carbon steel, welded

Packaging: Wooden cases or as per customers requirement

Application rang: Petroleum, chemical, power, gas, metallurgy, shipbuilding, construction, etc.

Standard: ANSIB16.9, GBT12459 / 13401, SH3408 / 3409-96, ASME DIN JIS BS GB / T JB SH HG

Product Advantages

1. Special design available according to requirement

2. anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistant with black painting

3. Our company will be good and cheap products open an international market, meet your needs .

Pipe fittings are various, the category of pipe fittings as follows:

1. Enlarge center pipe fitting. As required, or the end portion of the tube portion to expand a tubular member formed of various shapes;

2. Fittings with crimping and head.

Why Choose our RTJ Flange?

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