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Carbon Steel Cap, Steel Pipe Cap, Steel Pipe End Caps

Our carbon steel cap belongs to metal pipe end caps. We can produce 2 inch steel pipe caps, 3 inch steel pipe caps, 4 inch steel pipe caps, 5 inch steel pipe caps, 6 inch steel pipe caps, 7 inch steel pipe caps, 8 inch steel pipe caps and so on.

Product Description

Carbon Steel Cap

Name: Carbon Steel Cap(Steel Pipe Cap, Steel Pipe End Caps)

Size: 1 / 2" - 36"

Material: All kinds of carbon steel, such as A105 / A234WPB / Q235

Pressure: Sch20 / 40 / 60, STD as need.

Type: carbon steel, welded

Packaging: Wooden cases or as per customers requirement

Application rang: Petroleum, chemical, power, gas, metallurgy, shipbuilding, construction, etc.

Standard: ANSIB16.9, GBT12459 / 13401, SH3408 / 3409-96, ASME DIN JIS BS GB /T JB SH HG

What is Carbon Steel Cap?

Pipe caps, also known as heads, plugs, caps, pipe caps, and bulkheads, are welded on the pipe end or installed on the external thread of the pipe end to cover the pipe fittings. Used to close the pipeline, the function is the same as the pipe plug.

Type of caps

The form of the blind plate is similar, except that the blind plate can be disassembled and blocked, while the welded pipe cap cannot be disassembled. The cap includes a convex cap, a cone shell, a variable diameter section, a flat cap and a shrinking port design.

Convex tube caps include: hemispherical tube caps, oval tube caps, dish-shaped tube caps and spherical caps. From the force point of view, the convex tube cap is gradually not good from the hemispherical cap, but from the perspective of manufacturing difficulty, it is gradually easier to manufacture.

Use of cap

Uses: water, beverages, beer, food, petrochemicals, nuclear power, machinery, medical equipment, fertilizers, shipbuilding, waterproofing, pipelines, etc.

Installation and splicing of caps

When splicing, the weld direction is only allowed to be radial and circumferential. Large caps may cancel this requirement in the future. The splicing distance should be required to be greater than 3δ and not less than 100mm (welding heat-affected zone is a high stress zone, and the chemical composition in this zone will be burned. So avoid the high stress zone, which is related to the thickness According to practical experience, the stress attenuation length is greater than 3δ and not less than 100mm). However, refrigeration equipment is difficult to meet this requirement and has its particularity.

Cap detection

For the heads formed after splicing, the splicing welds should be subjected to 100% radiographic or ultrasonic testing, and the qualification level follows the equipment shell. The final weld seam inspection level and proportion are the same as the equipment shell.


1. Special design available according to requirement

2. anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistant with black painting

3. Our company will be good and cheap products open an international market, meet your needs .

Pipe fittings are various, the category of pipe fittings as follows:

1.Enlarge center pipe fitting.As required, or the end portion of the tube portion to expand a tubular member formed of various shapes;

2. Fittings with crimping and head.

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