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What is a Flange?

Nov. 23, 2020

Flange usually refers to the opening of several fixing holes on the periphery of a disc-like metal body to connect other parts. It is widely used in various mechanical equipment and pipe connections. Flange is a part that connects between shaft and shaft, used for connection between pipe ends; it is also useful for flange on equipment inlet and outlet, used for connection between two equipment, such as reducer flange.

Classification of flanges?

1. According to chemical industry (HG) industry standards:

Integral flange (IF), threaded flange (Th), plate flat welding flange (PL), neck butt welding flange (WN), neck flat welding flange (SO), socket welding flange (SW ), butt welding ring loose flange (PJ/SE), flat welding ring loose flange (PJ/RJ), lining flange cover (BL (S)), flange cover (BL).

2. According to the petrochemical (SH) industry standard:

Threaded flange (PT), butt welding flange (WN), flat welding flange (SO), socket welding flange (SW), loose flange (LJ), flange cover (not shown).

3. According to machinery (JB) industry standards:

Integral flanges, butt welding flanges, plate flat welding flanges, butt welding ring plate loose flanges, flat welding ring plate loose flanges, flanged ring plate loose flanges, flange covers.

4. According to national (GB) standards:

Integral flanges, threaded flanges, butt welding flanges, neck flat welding flanges, neck socket welding flanges, butt welding ring neck loose flanges, plate flat welding flanges, butt welding ring plate loose sleeves Flange, flat welded ring plate loose flange, flanged ring plate loose flange, flange cover.


Flange Installation

1. Before installing the flange, the flange surface must be cleaned, especially the sealing surface.

2. When installing a flat welded flange, insert the pipe end into 2≤3 of the inner diameter of the flange, and then spot weld the flange to the pipe. If it is a horizontal pipe, the flange should be spot welded from above, and then use a 90° angle ruler to check and correct the flange position from different directions so that the sealing surface is perpendicular to the center line of the pipe, and then the second spot welding This point is correct.

3. Use a 90° angle ruler to check and correct the flange position from left to right. After passing the third and fourth spot welding, complete the spot welding and fixing of the flange.

4. For the installation of flange pairs, the bolt holes of the mounting flange should be aligned with the corresponding bolt holes of the fixing flange and parallel to the fixing flange, and the deviation shall not be less than 1.5% of the outer diameter of each thousand flanges., And not more than 2mm.

5. When selecting the matching flange of the equipment or valve parts, pay attention to whether the flange of the original equipment or valve parts is consistent with the flange connection size used in the pipeline.

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