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How to Make a Seamless Elbow

Mar. 12, 2020

Elbow is a kind of pipe fittings used for pipe turning. The largest proportion of all pipe fittings used in the pipeline system is about 80%. There are many classifications of elbows according to materials and production methods. Today, carbon steel Pipe Bend suppliers will take everyone to understand the forming method of seamless elbows.

Pipes are manufactured with different forming techniques according to different material needs. Seamless elbows are generally divided into two types: hot-rolled seamless elbow fittings and cold-drawn seamless elbow fittings. Among them, cold drawn tubes are divided into two types: round tubes and special-shaped tubes.

 Short Carbon Steel Pipe Elbow

Elbow forming method

1. Forging method:

Forging is to use a forging machine to extrude the end or part of the pipe to reduce the outer diameter. Common forging machines include rotary, link and roller.

2. Rolling method:

Rolling, suitable for rounded edges inside thick-walled pipes. Generally, a mandrel is not used, a core is placed in the tube, and the periphery is pushed by a roller.

3. Stamping method:

The stamping method requires a tapered core to be used to expand the tube end to the required size and shape on the punch.

4. Bending forming method:

The bending molding method generally has 3-4 rollers, two fixed rollers, one adjustment roller, and the fixed roller distance is adjusted, and the finished pipe is bent. This molding method is a commonly used method now.

5. Bulging method:

There are two methods of inflation: one is to place rubber in the tube, and the top is compressed with a punch to make the tube protrude; the other method is to pour the required liquid into the tube and use the pressure of the liquid to bulge the tube into the required used shapes.

The above is often used in seamless bending molding method, our company also provides short carbon steel Pipe Elbow.

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