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How to Distinguish Wear-Resistant Elbow From Traditional ElbowⅠ

Mar. 13, 2020

The wear-resistant elbow can be favored by the market and continue to replace some traditional anti-wear materials. The fundamental reason is its excellent product quality and its comparison with traditional anti-wear materials such as cast stone, cast steel and centrifugal casting ceramic materials. Has many advantages. Then how to distinguish the wear-resistant elbow from the traditional elbow, the following cheap Pipe Elbow suppliers will tell you the difference between the two kinds of elbows from the following two aspects.

Anti-Corrosion Pipe Elbow

Performance comparison

1.Cast stone

In the past, most of the elbows in each factory were made of cast stone elbow. This material is characterized by fragility, cracking, and wear-resistant backpacks. The wall thickness is 25-35 mm, and some are nearly 40 mm. After cracking, the pulverized coal wears out along with the gap, and its life span is only one overhaul period. In addition, there are often air holes in the interior, which are easy to leave hidden dangers. Once worn, the site cannot be repaired.

2.cast steel

Cast steel (including alloy steel) is widely used in the field of anti-wear, and its manufacturing process is relatively simple. However, due to material performance limitations and process limitations, the surface hardness (approximately 60) of cast steel materials is much lower than that of ceramics (above 80), and the wear resistance is only equivalent to a few tenths to lower of ceramics. The manufactured elbow may be worn through after being put into operation for more than one year. In addition, cast steel pipelines are thick, very heavy, and have a high carbon content, which results in poor weldability. Heat treatment of the welds on site is required, which brings considerable difficulties to site installation and maintenance.

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