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Why can't Carbon Steel Elbow Contact Water

Nov. 05, 2020

Carbon steel elbow is a metal fitting that can change the direction of the pipe on the carbon steel pipe. The connection method is threaded and welded. According to the angle, there are three most commonly used angles: 45°, 90° and 180°, and other abnormal angle elbows, such as 60°, are also included according to engineering needs.

The carbon steel elbow forming process is to select a special elbow push rod, core mold and heating equipment, so that the blank on the mold moves forward under the push of the push rod, and is heated, expanded and bent during the movement.

Do you know why carbon steel elbows cannot be exposed to water? Next, I will give you a brief introduction.


Carbon dioxide is a large amount of impurities in water, and it exists in free form under normal conditions. When the pH value is low, a large amount of bicarbonate in the water also exists in the form of free carbon dioxide, so the problem of carbon dioxide leveling will occur. If carbon dioxide enters the desalinated water, the conductivity of the water will increase and the corrosiveness will increase. Therefore, the softened water tank should take measures to prevent carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from dissolving into the water tank. For example, using nitrogen or other inert gas to protect the head space of the water tank can prevent carbon dioxide from polluting the pure water.

In the production of carbon steel elbow fittings, after the inner wall is coated with lead powder, a large amount of lead powder will be smeared on the inner wall of the carbon steel elbow fitting. The various pipe fittings produced by manufacturers are inseparable from lead powder. It can produce a smooth effect and prevent the seamless elbow from being pulled during the production process. Seamless elbows sometimes require sandblasting and rust removal.

In the manufacturing process of seamless elbows, after the inner wall is coated with lead powder, a large amount of lead powder will be coated on the inner wall of the elbow. In fact, lead powder is a very serious environmental pollutant, but our factory produces All kinds of pipe fittings can not leave lead powder. During the production process, the seamless elbow can be prevented from being pulled.

Carbon dioxide is a common compound in the air. The chemical formula of carbon and oxygen is CO2. The carbon dioxide molecule is composed of two oxygen atoms and one carbon atom through covalent bonds. It is a colorless and odorless gas at room temperature, and its density is greater than that of air. It dissolves in water and reacts with water to form carbonic acid, and does not support incineration. The solid carbon dioxide is commonly called dry ice after shrinking.

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