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1 Inch 45 Degree Elbow Center, How To Make 90 Degree Elbow From Pipe?

Aug. 13, 2020

How to make a 90 degree elbow? 

Where is the 1 inch 45 degree elbow center?

During the installation of cable trays, there are generally three types of elbows used: one is horizontal bend, the other is vertical bend up and down, and the other is zigzag bend. The following examples illustrate the production methods and formulas of these elbows:

Example: The bridge frame of 400X150 is made 45° elbow.


Take 15cmX0.8 from the side of the bridge and draw points on the bottom of the bridge to divide the distance equally, and then connect the three points to form a 45° isosceles triangle (the other side uses the same method), and then cut off this triangle to form one 45° bend, and then use the height X1.41 to be made as the innermost vertex and draw a triangle, the direction is opposite to the previous one, the result is a 45° elbow. 90° bend is to draw the triangle twice of the side to be made. For example, if you want to make a horizontal elbow with 400X150, you can just take 400X2 to draw the triangle and cut it off. If you want to make a vertical elbow, take 150X2.

The summed-up formula: For example, for a 45-degree slope elbow, you only need to remember this sentence to know how to do it: "Climb 45 degrees, multiply the bridge height by 0.8, and divide three lines into a curve. The bevel is to climb the slope. Height multiplied by 1.41 30 degrees is the bridge height multiplied by 0.8 divided by 45 multiplied by 30. Three lines are divided into a curve, and the hypotenuse is the climbing height multiplied by 2. The horizontal 90 degree bend is the bridge width multiplied by 0.8. , The hypotenuse (inside) 600 above 200 times 1.41 600 below 100 times 1.41".


How to find the center point of a forty-five degree elbow? Is there a formula?

To calculate the center height of 45° elbows, the length of 45° elbows and 30° elbows needs to be calculated by trigonometric functions. The easiest way is to check the standard. The calculated radius *tan22.5° is the center height.

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